I came across a dispute in press between P. Morgan and W. Young about PTSD. The first criticized the other saying that he hasn’t got PTSD but WNTS – Whiny Needy Twerp Syndrome. I don’t know much about W. Young life or what traumas he has or hasn’t had in the past. But I cannot see why would someone labelled himself PTSD or anxiety sufferer if he hasn’t felt that way??? It is certainly not a state to desire to be in.

I think P. Morgan said that PTSD term was much overused as most young celebrities these days or maybe even most people claim to suffer it. I also read somewhere that his family member was a war veteran and suffered trauma there and had a “right” to call himself PTSD sufferer.

I definitely agree that trauma during any war is huge. And I’m not surprised that people experience metal health problems afterwards. But I think that any trauma can cause PTSD syndrome. It all depends how we reacted to it at the time. We also perceive trauma differently. Some things would be traumatic to anybody, but other events would be traumatic to only certain people. Personally I do believe if the first time I witness Graham’s seizures happened in a different circumstances – maybe if I was with someone or maybe if I just read about epilepsy and I’d know from the beginning what was happening OR even if it happened in the hospital at first instance – all would have caused a different response. I can pinpoint in my memories exactly the moment when I felt “the impending doom” and that activated the fight or fright response.

I’m not an expert by any means, but I just think that possibly PTSD is an illness of new century. Of our times. Or maybe it has been there for ages, but people did not admit they suffered. Or maybe the media these days allow people to speak more freely and reach larger numbers of people so it just seem more common.

The problem with mental conditions is that you cannot confirm them as easily as physical ones. Or some of the physical ones. Let’s take diabetes. You perform tests – blood sugar tests and here we go, Voila! we have confirmed condition. And even if you think it’s crazy so many people in our society these days have diabetes – you can’t really argue that’s true. Can you? Because we have tests results. And those results are not subjective. Everyone will interpret them in the same way. And luckily we can tailor the medication to treat that particular problem. Luckily there is an antidote. But diabetes is also an illness of our twenty-first century. The diets changed, food changed, more convenient food, more carbs, more stationary lifestyle.

I don’t think our brains are designed to deal with the twenty-first century problems either. We cannot, unfortunately, just perform a test. As answers would be subjective and so would be interpretation of the test. But still I cannot see how someone who hasn’t got a problem would fabricate the fact they do. To get attention? To get sympathy? I don’t know how the celebrities world work. But I suppose fabricating a problem itself would show that someone has some sort of issues anyway – need of approval etc.

As simply saying it is really not fun to have anxiety or PTSD.

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