I haven’t written for a while. And I’ve missed it. I have so many thoughts in my head and I think it would have made few excellent posts. But then I have no time to write.

I actually started a post couple of weeks ago and I’ve deleted it. It was very negative. I was in a point where life got on top of me. Too much stress, tiredness. Mainly at work. But it influenced the rest of my wellbeing.

I have always been a believer (even though last year challenged it big time), that when we have a question in life an answer will be given to us in one way or another. It may not be presented as an answer – we may need to put some jigsaw puzzle pieces together, but nevertheless the answer will come. Last year I did not have patient to wait for answers also they were particular answers I wanted. Not even answers, I wanted certainty. All my world has been collapsed and put upside down. But since, when I calmed down I can see that some answers are given to me one way or another.

I have been to a wellbeing at work course and it was absolutely packed with information relevant to me. The counselling course I’m doing all about self exploration and self discovery.

But I would like to start from few quotes….. The first one is

“Learn to wait; invariably either things will change or your heart will”.

And that is so true. If someone told me last year I’d feel better, I wouldn’t believe. I’m not all right, I’m not 100%. I’m not and maybe never be in the place I was before. But I’ve heard today that change is good. Embrace change as it makes us grow. We should be like bamboo sticks in a hurricane. We should bend but not snap. And when the hurricane goes away, we should bounce back to even better place than before.

And that leads me to another quote of today:

“You can’t stop the waves. But you can learn to surf”.  John Kabat Zinn

I tell you my list of books to read is even longer…. But anyway, we CAN change. It is like the quote I loved so much before by Frankl – When you can no longer change the circumstances, we are challenged to change ourselves. And we CAN change.

This post becomes slightly long now and   I won’t cover everything I want… but I’ll make myself a little reminder what I need to do.

  • Go through my audiobook The Worry Trick
  • Summarise my todays course
  • Review some new applications
  • Reflection on holidays and diet

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