I’ve been reading through the old posts on this blog and trying to correct all spelling mistakes. I don’t think I caught them all. But it definitely showed me how much things changed. It also showed me how negative I am. And also how big progress I made with my anxiety.  Things are actually okay at the moment. Graham still isn’t feeling 100% but towards the end of the tablets he does feel better and better. It will take months after chemo for him to properly be himself again. He has never ever made a fuss about himself and what’s been happening…. sometimes I think he dealt with the chemo much better then he ever dealt with a common flu. But is there anything worse then a man flu??

And yet I’m reluctant to just think everything will be okay. Anxiety has a reason. And my reason is to protect myself from negative emotions. Protect myself from being hurt and exposed to negative feelings. It’s my brain defensive mechanism. Completely similarly to when I was younger and my brother used to say NEVER tell anybody what’s happening at home. So I never talk about the most private feelings. And to put myself completely out there I’m going to post this blog. I don’t expect huge answer. The truth is that’s what is really important for me there is completely non meaningful for everybody else. It’s natural. But I will post the link on Facebook – something I’ve never done in my life. Talk about my real feelings. Not that I lied. But I just avoid talking about my deepest feelings.

Apart from the beginning of the year, when I was so desperate I was telling I was scared to anybody, completely random hoping that they would say something which would sort the situation out. Instantly. Of course it didn’t happen and I was more upset.

I’m definitely calmer. I start to believe that the worst is over. And yet I don’t want to believe it in case it isn’t. Time is the only answer and quite logical would be not to worry about it now as it cannot be changed either way. I think the way to go is to continue watch my thoughts, continue expose myself to uncertainty and continue with my hobbies so I can have moments to switch off.

It’s also good to have a moment to just let the thoughts go freely through your head. My counsellor asked me last week – if I sat down next to Graham for 20min doing nothing, would I think it was waste of time? yes I would. I need to do something. When I watch TV I do my paintings or playing a game. When I have time in the afternoon I sew or catch up with tidying. I never do nothing. I do like to go shopping and have a break to drink coffee but yet I’ve never sat down in the garden with a drink and just let myself BE. Maybe only on holidays. But never in everyday life. And it’s important to let your thoughts and emotions to settle. To feel them, named them acknowledge them and let them fall into right place. Maybe that’s why I feel anxious in the evenings as when I finally switch off and go to bed the process starts then.

It’s ok to like yourself. I’ve been talking about the quilt. I’ve got the idea when Emily was born and kept her favourite baby grows as I could’t part with them. But keeping baby clothes in the loft is pointless. So I thought I’d make a quilt from them so she has a memory of it and they are actually useful again. Unfortunately I never got round to do it and then Aurelia was born and I have to make two quilts like that. It took me 9 years to actually start the quilt. I have started now both and I’m half way through!!! But when I told about it to my counsellor she asked – who is judging me on the time?

Nobody. Just myself. And it’s me who set the rules and yet again I find it so strange that it’s also me who judge myself on them. And cannot change them. Nobody else is doing it to me. I’m my own best friend and worst enemy.

Perspective is really everything!


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